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Southern Cross distance education

Education / April 28, 2023

Southern Cross School Distance Education is a distance education provider located at Ballina. It provides educational opportunities for students who are unable to attend high school.

Who is eligible?
Students who meet specific criteria for distance education, such as health issues, are eligible to enrol.
Phone 6681 0300 for further information.

Time: Mon – Wed
School Hours
Services: Southern Cross School Distance Education provides:

  • educational opportunities for students who are unable to attend high school
  • full-time, pathway and single course options
  • over 65 courses including 8 languages
  • access to course materials by paper based booklets, CDs, DVDs, video and Web technologies including blogs, forums and wikis
  • teaching over the telephone, by email and on the World Wide Web through online lessons developed using the Moodle learning management system
  • Engagement with students through videoconferencing, Bridgit Data Collaboration, student online forums, mini-school days and teacher visits to schools and homes
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