Top 10 Best Universities for M- Tech Distance Education Course in

M tech from distance education

Education / April 19, 2023

Education is the only way to abolish poverty in our nation. There are several educationists that have fought a good fight against illiteracy. Although the battle is still on, there are miles to go. Gone are the days when education was viewed as a service to the mankind. Today the Distance Education in India is one of the largest industries with a very high turnover. The changes in foreign policies of the country have also attracted several foreign investors to invest in India hoping for great returns.

SSK College is one among the few that consider higher education at low cost through Distance Education Wing still as a service rendered to mankind. The ISO 9001:2008 certified institution strives to provide quality higher education to the Indian students via distance learning mode. With its head quarters in Chennai, it is best institute for distance education in india, the institution offers various B Tech Distance Education, M Tech Distance Education, Diploma Distance Education and MBA Correspondence and MCA Correspondence courses accredited by various universities in india with the view of empowering students with the best of knowledge and enhance their employability.

SSK College offered the disciplines B Tech and M Tech distance education courses is wide and students can choose the one which best suits for them. Top engineering courses like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and much more are offered at top distance education universities in India. The range of courses is even wider in case of M Tech Distance education. Apart from regular courses, research course is also offered under part time education.

SSK College was established in the year 1999, in order to provide high quality education under the distance education / distance learning / correspondence method to students. The college focuses on students that wish to pursue higher education but are unable to attend the regular colleges due to various reasons. One other lot that benefits from the institution is the employed ones that look forward to qualify themselves for promotions and gain additional knowledge over their domain.

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