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Government Pushes for Homeschooling Through the Internet

Homeschooling and open universities have proliferated in the Philippines over recent years due to the ease of long-distance communication over the Internet and the rising cost of education and other resources. They permit study at the student’s own pace and allow a more flexible schedule that enables the student to pursue work or other interests while studying. Such programs are supported by Article IV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which decrees that quality education at every level should be made accessible to all Filipinos, including self-learning, independent, and out-of-school study programs.


Homeschooling involves the teaching of children at home, usually by their parents. This form of schooling is recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) provided that the parent-teacher is a college graduate and is able to provide at least 4 hours of instruction for kindergarten to 7th grade. Parent-teachers may avail of school curricula, lesson plans, teacher-training, and instructional materials through DepEd accredited homeschooling programs. The cost for these programs is considerably less than most traditional private schools. Apart from this, other advantages of homeschooling are that it permits individualized instruction, saves travel time, and promotes family bonding. While there are concerns that children’s social interactions may be limited, this may be counteracted by planning activities involving other children.

Homeschooling means no pressure of learning all things. It is done at anytime, anywhere by the learner, mother or provider. For accreditation purposes a homeschooling clientele must go to the DepEd office for validation or he may choose to enroll in a recognized school of the Department of Education.

An open university utilizes open learning approaches in providing students with courses leading to a degree, certificate, or diploma. Internet technology and print materials are most often utilized, plus occasional face-to-face class sessions. While such an approach may limit social interaction, it is a viable alternative for working students, especially those living or working at some distance from the university. With the encouragement of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), an increasing number of state and private institutions have been offering such programs since the 1990s.

Homeschooling programs in the Philippines

While any parent who is a college graduate may instruct his or her children, many parents prefer to make use of foreign or local homeschooling packages to facilitate their teaching. Some Philippine homeschooling programs include the following:

  • Catholic Home Study Program from elementary to high school.
  • – the first Philippine Catholic homeschool program, co-founded by Bo Sanchez, offers DepEd accredited education for preschool to high school students. It provides training materials, lesson plans, and textbooks and support from other homeschooling parents. CFA Facebook page ; CFA Twitter page
  • – the International Christian School of Cebu City, Philippines offering DepEd accredited international and national homeschool and distance learning programs from Elementary to High School. It provides two (2) categories of Homeschooling and Distance Learning Programs: Online Distance Learning (ODL) and Printed Distance Learning (PDL). Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) has a physical campus in Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines. Aside from its DepEd Permanent Recognition, its Online and Printed Distance Learning Program are accredited by National Association of Private Schools (NAPS) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA and by Sevenstar Academy, Ohio, USA.
  • (formerly The Master’s Academy) – a Christian school founded by the Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) that has been offering a DepEd accredited international homeschool program since 1999. Regular group activities provide children with opportunities to interact as well as to display their talents. HG Facebook page ; HG Instagram page ; HG Twitter page
  • – a Christian homeschool program for kindergarten to high school levels that has been provided by the United States-based organization Accelerated Christian Education since 1970. It makes use of the latest computer technology in providing an individualized education with a strong religious background. SOT Philippines Facebook page
  • Seton Home Study School – a United States-based Catholic homeschool program with 2 Catholic Philippine partners.
  • Southville International School and Colleges - I.N.N.O.V.E. Home Study Program provides an educational approach that is more customized, more student-centered and innovative in nature. It addresses each student as a total and separate individual in a flexible learning environment.

Open university programs in the Philippines

A great variety of degree, non-degree, certificate, and diploma courses are offered through open universities in the Philippines, most of which are divisions of state universities. The open university programs in the Philippines include the following:

  • has offered master’s and diploma programs for certain courses since 1997.
  • were founded in 1996 and began at PSU-Lingayen in March 1997 with diploma courses. It now offers a wide range of courses to residents of Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur, as well as Pangasinan.
  • has offered non-degree courses since the 1970s and degree courses since 1990.
  • , founded on 23 February 1995, offers degree and non-degree programs, including courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level and certificate or diploma courses. It has been named the National Center of Excellence in Open Learning and Distance Education by CHED. Lessons are given via Internet, learning modules, and occasional face-to-face sessions.
  • provides a non-thesis master of public administration course, major in organization and management. The students meet with their professors once a month at the nodal centers in Ipil, Sibugay and Pagadian.
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