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Distance education in Mechanical Engineering

Education / November 3, 2021

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical EngineeringDelivery Format - Primarily online

Number of Credit Hours - 128

Tuition per Hour - $355

Fees - $80 College of Engineering technology fee (per video course)

Application Deadline - Applications accepted year round

Accreditation - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

Other Program Specifics - Three courses requires weekend labs at locations in Tuscaloosa, Dothan or Gadsden, Alabama

Programs, courses and tuition subject to change.

A Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering is considered one of the broadest and most versatile engineering degrees available.

The University of Alabama's primarily online Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering gives you the opportunity to obtain your degree with minimal travel or job disruption. Not only will this program prepare you to design complex machines, but you will also be prepared for involvement in all aspects of product manufacturing.

As a student you can train in the science of designing a component, a machine or a system in a process. BSME students pursue careers in many industries such as automotive, power generation, bioengineering, textiles, robotics, manufacturing, research and development, pulp and paper, steel and materials, petro-chemical and aerospace. Also, BSME graduates may pursue post-graduate learning in business, law, medicine, dentistry and other professions.

This BSME degree program is rigorous and identical to the degree earned by campus students at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. You'll receive the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to excel in a career that promises many challenges and great rewards!