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Distance education certificate programs

Education / April 19, 2023

Registration now open:
– Creating Presence in Online Courses»
– Fundamentals of Online Teaching»
– Fundamentals of Online Teaching for Healthcare Educators»
– Professional Certificate in Online Education»

Proven strategies for excellence in online teaching and learning

UW-Madison’s Distance Education Professional Development (DEPD) offers online certificates, workshops, mini-courses, and conference events. We can also develop customized offerings and resources to develop and strengthen your online programs.

Over 100 years’ experience in educational innovation

UW-Madison has been at the forefront of educational technologies for more than 120 years.

  • 1891 – UW-Madison launches the world’s first correspondence course.
  • 1922 – The campus radio station WHA (America’s first) begins broadcasting “Wisconsin College of the Air” classes for adult learners.
  • 1993 – UW-Madison’s DEPD launches the first-of-its-kind distance education certificate program to help teachers teach using the fledgling World Wide Web.

Today DEPD builds on that century of experience in educational innovation with professional certificates and events that build and enhance proficiency in all aspects of online education so that you can create effective and successful courses, programs, and trainings.

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