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Education / February 28, 2018

Read what one student attendee sees as the benefits in attending startup events.

👀 What to expect from Youth Startup Weekend 2017: Hey everyone! 🤗 My name’s Kyra. I’m 17 years old and a grade 11 student. I was a participant at last year’s Startup Weekend Youth with our pitch idea called QuickGig. Here’s a photo of our team. I’m the weirdo giving the thumbs up pulling a face of some sort. 😳 On going into Startup Weekend, it can seem very daunting. Honestly, I barely had any concept of what a Startup Weekend was until I arrived, but as the weekend went on, I became more familiar with how everything works in startup events. Honestly, the weekend is such a life-changing experience. 💯You have the opportunity to meet and interact with so many fantastic participants as well as the amazing judges, mentors, coaches and volunteers. By the way, don’t feel shy about asking for tips and tricks or help from the mentors and coaches; they’re there to help you in any way they can and have seemingly infinite amounts of wisdom in their areas of speciality. Ask any past participant and they’ll tell you it’s pretty tiring with the long hours of hard work but in the end, it’s extremely worthwhile to see the final pitch come together. Overall, I can’t stress enough how valuable this event is. The benefits of attending are essentially endless, such as building confidence, giving direction to your studies, learning how to network amongst the business community, getting experience in a workplace with an internship; the list goes on. Startup Weekend gives so many opportunities for participants not only at the event but in the future, which is why it is insurmountable as one of the most worthwhile events you could ever attend. So... are you up for the challenge? Registrations are open now for students in Year 10 - 12 to take part in this year's Startup Weekend Youth (Sunshine Coast). Will you join me? 👉 👈

Thrilled with the units we are in the midst of publishing - that suit our own individual community context:

I have been wondering... what are opinions regarding teaching coding in IPT:

Is it better to teach one or two languages well (ie. PHP, javascript, SQL) and using assessment in these languages later in year 12 -> Dynamic websites
Expose students to more languages, but using them in different situations?

(reason being is that I am thinking of changing the languages that I'm teaching units in next year's IPT intake so that students don't have to 'relearn' coding conventions for new languages in their projects as well as exams) ...

Brisbane CathEd (and non-CathEd) ppl might like to join me in asking 'What will the #FirstSchoolOnMars🚀need to look like?' > #EIEC17 conference 19 Sept >

#FutureLiteracies #FutureU ...

Digital Technologies Implementation workshop by Dr Jason Zagami @griffithuniversity Loads of great ideas about how to teach Data today. Nao was there too! ...

Absolutely awesome day at Kingston State School. Challenges accepted and met. This was the finale, sharing how we made the EV3s do silly walks, no wheels to be attached to motors. #LEGOeducation #QSITEGC ...

Startup Weekend Youth (Sunshine Coast) is only a month away. Tickets are now on sale but be quick!