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PHD in Computer science through distance education

Education / April 17, 2023

The PhD degree involves annual progression meetings and other formal requirements including written work, seminars and other oral deliverables.

A PhD degree could also be studied part-time over six years.

Please note that the statements on this page are for guidance only and do not fully accurately reflect the University's and the Department's examination rules.

Part-time PhD

The normal period of registration for part-time PhD students is six years.

PhD by distance learning

The PhD by distance learning is a new variant of the standard York Computer Science PhD programme which is managed solely through the Department of Computer Science and awarded by University of York.

Available as a full-time (3 years) or part-time (6 years) programme.

Fees, supervision and assessment arrangements, and milestones are identical to the department-based programme.

  • Supervision requires regular electronic contact (by skype, hangouts, phone, etc.).
  • Supervision collaboration with an institution in the student’s home country is permitted, but note that this is NOT a joint programme.
  • Students are NOT eligible for Departmental funding (DTG, DERS, DORS or continuation scholarships).

Attendance requirements

Students are expected to visit York at their own expense, as follows:

  • Two weeks at the start of their enrolment (typically Sept-Oct), for induction, to meet their supervisor, to be introduced to the local research group, and to meet other PhD students.
  • Two one-week visits per annum (Full Time Equivalent, FTE), ideally to accommodate the 6-monthly milestone and TAP meetings.
  • The PhD viva must be attended in person.

Candidates need to provide a clear plan for visits, that takes account of milestone timings and any distance-learning related immigration issues anticipated (eg provisions of current visa regulations).

Students are encouraged to spend time at York, for instance to engage in research group activities and training courses, or take part in the York Doctoral Symposium.

A case to study by distance learning must be included with any application to this programme: it must be clear why York-based study is not possible. Transfer to and from the York-based programme may be permitted, where the conditions of the relevant programme are met.

Suitability and Entry Requirements

The PhD in Computer Science is intended for students who already have a good first degree in Computer Science or a related field. Typically, you will have achieved a good Master's degree or at least an upper second class honours degree (or international equivalent).

We are willing to consider your application if you do not fit this profile, but you must satisfy us that your knowledge in Computer Science is appropriate for advanced study.

How to Apply

For more information about completing your application, please take a look at the University’s webpages which tell you how to apply, and our Department's advice on completing applications.

Source: www.cs.york.ac.uk