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Bachelor of science distance education

Education / July 20, 2017

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology distance education programs are designed for students who have graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS), at one of six Washington state community colleges. This degree allows students to continue their education by taking additional advanced technology courses, general education coursework, and supporting courses to complete a bachelor of science degree.

Currently this degree is available to graduates of the following programs:

Clark Community College: AAS in Computer Network Administrator, Data Networks and Telecommunications, Electronics Technology, Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technology, Microcomputer Support Specialist, Software Solutions Development.

Lower Columbia College: AAS Information Technology Systems, AAST- Information Technology Systems. and students who graduated with degrees in the previously offered AAS- Electronics and AAS Computer Specialist

Bellevue College: AA Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM)

Spokane Community College: AAS Network Engineering (name changed to Network Design and Administration.)

Spokane Falls Community College: AAS Information Technology (SFCC only.)

South Seattle Community College: AAS Software Engineering, Network Administration, LAN Applications=Help Desk, Business Information Technology.

Source: www.ewu.edu