Wisdom School of Management Pvt. Ltd

management of distance education

Education / July 17, 2017

offers accredited university courses for a comprehensive study of wilderness management. WMDEP is a valuable tool for understanding the wilderness resource and the issues surrounding its management-includes topics from philosophy and ecology to recreation and planning.

A Distance Education course removes the constraints of time and location, and presents the most current wilderness knowledge available anywhere. You can study from the privacy of your own home and earn credits toward a degree or just for your own satisfaction.

You don't need any experience in wilderness management. You will benefit from the combined expertise of professional wilderness managers and researchers. The material is generally written in not-technical terms and does not require extensive theoretical or technical experience with wilderness. Each course is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students form wilderness professionals, outdoor recreational planners and educators, to members of conservation groups and interested citizens.

Source: www.cfc.umt.edu