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IGNOU MCA distance education

Education / July 18, 2023

IGNOU MCA 2017: Master of Computer Application (MCA) is one of the most popular program in India among candidates wants to make their career in the field of software development. The program provides theoritical & practical knowledge of latest computer programming languages & software development concept. IGNOU also offer a MCA course under distance education mode. In this post we'll talk about IGNOU MCA admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure & duration.

IGNOU offer this course in English medium. All study material is also in English.

Lets start with IGNOU MCA duration & number of semesters.

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IGNOU MCA Duration

The minimum duration to clear IGNOU MCA program is 3 years & maximum is 6 years. Like we said earlier, the medium of study is English only. If someone fails to clear all exams in 6 years, s/he can continue for another two years by seeking Re-admission to the courses which s/he is unable to successfully complete. Someone can contact the nearby center for admission & readmission in the IGNOU MCA.

IGNOU MCA Programme Structure

The program has been divided into 6 semseters. There are 2 semesters each year (January to June and July to December).There will be 2 exams each year i.e in the month of June & December.

There are 3 elective courses in IGNOU MCA, students has to select all of them. IGNOU is working to add some more electives, soon students will be able to select from more number of courses.

There are total 31 courses in IGNOU MCA and total number of credits are 108.

IGNOU MCA Programme Recognition

IGNOU is a Central University established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No.50 of 1985) IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all member Universities of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates of all Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions vide UGC Circular No. F1- 52/2000 (CPP-II) dated 5 May, 2004 & AIU Circular No. EV/B (449)/94/177115 dated January 14, 1994.

Eligibility Criteria

candidates who has a 3 years Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and mathematics as one of the subject in 10+2 or graduation level can apply for IGNOU MCA. If someone is from a non mathematics background is required to pursue and pass the BCS-012 course concurrently with IGNOU MCA.

IGNOU MCA Fee Structure

The total fee of the program is INR 54000 i.e INR 9000 per semester. A small fee if Rs. 100 in addition as Registration Charges for the First Semester. All non-math students is required to pay Rs. 1, 200 for BCS-012 course. So for a non math student the total fee would be INR 55300.

For more information about IGNOU MCA Fee, kindly coordinate with your nearest IGNOU regional or study center.

IGNOU MCA Admission Procedure

Candidate meet the above mentioned eligibility criteria can apply for admission. To take admission in IGNOU MCA, candidate has to buy a handbook cum prospectus. Candidate can buy the prospectus from a nearby study or regional center. An admission form is attached with the prospectus. Candidate has to fill the admission form and has to submit it along with necessary documents & fee.

More information about how to apply is available in the prospectus cum handbook. Please refer the prospectus or contact nearest study center or regional center for more information.

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