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Distance learning education degree

Education / February 16, 2023

The advantage of online and distance courses is that they give you a level of flexibility that on-campus courses do not. And, at NC State you don’t sacrifice quality. Our online and distance courses are taught by the same professors who teach the subject on campus.

Online and Distance Education programs are offered in a variety of delivery formats depending on what best suits the program. Some are offered all online, some are offered onsite at a location away from the main NC State campus and some are a hybrid that have online as well as onsite programs. Regardless of the delivery format, our programs follow the same academic calendars. All work must be completed within that timeframe.

Online courses and programs can follow a synchronous or asynchronous model. Synchronous courses require all students and the instructor online during class time using technology to engage through chat or instant messaging functions. Asynchronous courses, allow more flexibility, enabling access on your own schedule within certain time parameters.

Non-Degree Studies Options

For those interested in taking courses without enrolling in a degree program at NC State, Online and Distance Education offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to fit higher education needs in a demanding and busy schedule. Students may apply to the university to be approved as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student. However, admission as an NDS student does not imply admission to an NC State degree program.

NDS students are classified as non-degree-seeking. Grades earned as an NDS student will go toward the student’s NC State University GPA and may be transferred to another institution based on that institution’s transfer policy. Students enrolled in Undergraduate Certificate

Source: online-distance.ncsu.edu