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Master of clinical Psychology distance education

Education / June 23, 2023

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the study of the nature, causes and treatment of mental illnesses. Master's degree programs in clinical psychology typically take two years of full-time enrollment or three years of part-time enrollment to complete. Many programs are available both online and in a blended format. Virtual clinical supervision, week-long campus residencies, and internships may be required. Students study psychological theories and learn the foundations of the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Graduates may go on to a doctoral program that prepares them for state licensure as clinical psychologists.


In order to help students gain experience, online clinical psychology programs typically require practica or internships. Many distance learning master's programs also require students to attend approximately three week-long residencies on campus.

These week-long events give students the benefits of in-class instruction, and students typically begin certain courses during residencies and complete them online. Residencies also allow students to meet with faculty members and staff, discuss licensing, clinical training and research requirements, ask questions and network with other students.

As for the online coursework, the majority of distance learning classes are asynchronous, but students are generally required to access their courses weekly in order to keep pace with the curriculum schedule. Content management systems provide a virtual classroom environment in which students can access lectures, assignments and communication tools.


Graduate students studying clinical psychology often must conduct a research project or a master's thesis as part of the degree requirements. The curricula for both online and traditional on-campus master's programs generally cover the following topics:

  • Psychopathology
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Life span development
  • Clinical and diagnostic skills
  • Assessment and intervention
  • Professional ethics
  • Diversity and multicultural issues
  • Research methods

To gain clinical experience, students are placed at practicum sites and supervised by faculty members online. Virtual practicum supervision is accomplished through scheduled group and one-on-one online meetings between faculty and students. In order to participate in these virtual meetings, students must have access to a computer, a broadband Internet connection, a webcam and the appropriate software.

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