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Education / January 13, 2023

As one of the most respected Master of Education Degree Programs at the University, Learning Design focuses on developing leadership potential, creating new career paths and enhancing existing employment opportunities. The program prepares individuals to take a leadership role in teaching and training settings, and advance their careers in academia and other training and development systems. Learning Design curriculum focuses on:

  • Instructional design
  • Learning theories and strategies
  • Interactive learning systems
  • Adaptive and immersive learning technologies
  • Leadership development
  • Learning intervention and evaluation
  • Organizational changes and sustainability
  • Applied research skills

To earn a Master of Education degree in Learning Design, students must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of study (Plan I – Thesis Option) or 36 semester hours (Plan II - Major Research Project or Comprehensive Examination). Students must also maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.

Learning Design Core (12 HOURS)

The core courses provide a foundation for the program, and include courses in principles and theories, data analysis and decision making, and research techniques. With the exception of the capstone seminar, the core courses are taken relatively early in the program.

  • LRND 6010 - Principles of Learning Design
  • LRND 6030 – Data Analysis and Decision Making
  • LRND 6790 – Research in Learning Design
  • LRND 6800 – Seminar in Learning Design

Concentration Courses (18 HOURS)

This phase is designed to build specific competencies related to the student’s interests and career goals. Courses will be selected with the assistance of a faculty advisor, and may include courses from both inside and outside the College of Technology. Choices may include but are not limited to the courses listed below.

Choose Six

Program Synthesis (6 HOURS)

During this final phase, students will select and complete either Plan I, completion of a Thesis, or Plan II, a formal examination or directed major project. The reasons for selection of either Plan I or Plan II vary by student interest and career plans, and should be decided in conjunction with the Graduate Coordinator and/or Major Advisor. Typically, students interested in further graduate study or teaching at the college level may choose to select Plan I, whereas students interested in pursuing a career in business or industry may choose to select Plan II. Students who select Plan I must submit their thesis electronically.

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