Two Degree courses at Same Time in India, can we two Degree

LLB through distance education in india

Education / January 29, 2024

Firstly, no degree by the name LLB or Bachelor of Law (also called BL by some universities) could be obtained by distance learning (DL).

What many universities offer by DL or correspondence mode is a BCL or BGL degree called Bachelor of Civil/General Law which can never be equivalent or anywhere close to LLB because only a recognized LLB degree can entitle you to become a member of the bar or a qualified advocate.

BCL/BGL or MBL/PG Diploma etc. in law are qualifications earned mostly by DL system and do not have any real value except being decoratory in nature.

Bar Council of India (BCI) doesn't allow an LLB degree by DL or correspondence mode to maintain standards in legal education and profession. Alike any practice-oriented professional program of a University e.g. medicine or dentistry or architecture or nursing, law too is rightly a fulltime, regular, classroom program which can't be allowed by correspondence or distance learning.