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Education / November 13, 2016

The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health will give you leading-edge expertise in many different subjects such as epidemiology and biostatistics, Maori and Pacific health, health economics, occupational health, environmental health, programme evaluation, health inequalities and health policy.

Transfer your learning to your workplace

Massey’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health emphasises applied research and practical experience. You will be able to apply knowledge gained through coursework to projects that reflect your work and interests.

Get great work skills

With the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health, you will understand the core functions of public health: health promotion, disease prevention, disease surveillance and monitoring, health assessment and health protection.

You will also be able to identify and critically analyse public health problems and solutions from a range of perspectives including biological, environmental, behavioural, social and cultural determinants as well as from a systems perspective. These skills will be invaluable in the workplace.

Learn from those practising in the field

You will benefit from our course lecturers’ active engagement in public health research, as well as learning from guest speakers from the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards, other research institutions, health providers and community organisations.

This breadth of knowledge and experience will give you a real-world view of the current state of knowledge in public health and practical know-how with immediate application in your workplace.

Study to suit your lifestyle

You can study in a way that best suits you: block or distance courses, full time or part time. Study can be tailored specifically for your needs.

If you are a health professional, policy maker, community worker or researcher, you will benefit from unique shared learning opportunities with others from diverse backgrounds in the health sector, including the environment, occupational safety and health, and social services.

Follow your research passions

At Massey, we embrace high-quality research in exciting areas including the effects of noise on health, waterway health, rainwater harvesting, drug delivery systems, the effects of resistance training, novel gene identification and science communication.